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Characteristics of the Pain program: This program uses low frequencies influencing all painful conditions, including degenerative, inflammatory and post-traumatic conditions. Do not use in patients with acute abdominal pain or suspected myocardial infarction - to avoid the masking of any clinical symptoms and missing early diagnosis of acute diseases.

Purpose of magnetic therapy application in pain

In painful conditions, the purpose of magnetic therapy application is to reduce pain, relieve muscle spasms, and support the healing and regeneration process.

Patient experience

I like manual work, and because it's a sedentary hobby, I have a problem with the cervical spine. Thanks to the Biomag, I can sit for a long time without any problems. I have no trouble as before.

Marie Horňáčková, Mutěnice

I suffered from sciatica from knees down. We've been treated for about half a year with magnetotherapy and the results are very good for both of us me and my husband. We use the device every day, the pain is receding, we can bend and walk better.

Marie Bártlová, Janov

I suffer from knee and spinal pain. So far I treated with pills, paraffin, ointments, with no effects. About a year ago, I've used magnetotherapy for both my knees, spine and spurs and the effect is much greater.

Josef Krejčí, Stonařov

Using magnetic therapy in pain

This program is suitable for the majority of pain conditions, with the aim of the fastest possible reduction of pain. It is applied in pain conditions with a known cause of the pain – in degenerative, inflammatory and post-traumatic conditions, etc. A one-hour application of low analgesic frequencies, which can be repeated as needed, is used where acute pain causes mobility limitation, prevents further therapy (such as corrective exercise) and in polymorbid patients in whom the analgesic program, when applied at the beginning of therapy, minimises the development of a stronger adaptive response. Once the acute pain is reduced, this allows the patient to move to another program with a greater proportion of healing and regeneration frequencies. In order for the analgesic effect to be achieved, longer applications are required and therefore all programs with a significant pain reduction will have longer application times. Such programs can be applied continuously for up to several hours.

The mechanism of the analgesic effects of Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy is multi-level. First, it blocks the transfer of pain sensations from nerve fibres to brain centres; in addition, the increased generation of endorphines will ensure analgesic effects, and on top of that, spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling effects and faster removal of acidic metabolites from tissues will be achieved.

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Application of magnetic therapy in pain

Do not use in patients with acute abdominal pain with no clear cause, or with suspected myocardial infarction – to avoid the masking of any clinical symptoms and missing early diagnosis of acute diseases.

Pain and magnetic therapy – queries

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