Varicose Ulcer

Do you suffer from chronic venous insufficiency? Pay close attention to microvarices on your legs. They can progress and change into varicose veins accompanied by changes to pigmentation. Even minor injuries to the skin can lead to varicose ulcer. The newly emerged injury often serves as an entry way to infection. This can seriously complicate your health condition.

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Characteristics of Varicose Ulcer and its causes

Varicose Ulcers are a serious condition, which require immediate intervention. A varicose ulcer is a condition where skin on the shin is chronically damaged. The shin is the area on the front of the lower leg between the knee and ankle.

A varicose ulcer is a complication with chronic venous insufficiency, where the mechanism of venous return is disrupted. This leads to a serious decrease of oxygenated blood circulation in the limbs and also, insufficient levels of oxygen and nutrients required for proper tissue function.

Are you in danger of suffering from varicose ulcer too?

Causes can be found in lifestyle. People with sedentary jobs, or who lack in exercise, obese people, smokers and women using contraceptive pills are all in danger.

Varicose ulcers can form based on varices, hypertension, diabetes, gout, atherosclerosis and other system diseases.

Are you endangered based on your weight?

Calculate your BMI. BMI can be calculated easily by putting your figures into the formula: weight in kilograms / (height in metres x height in metres). If your resulting number is above 30, start taking preventative measures.

Varicose Ulcer treatment – rid yourself of the pain

Treatment of varicose ulcer is based on preventing its formation, especially by improving blood perfusion, eliminating infection and encourage healing of tissue.

Treatment may include:

  • medicaments (to improve vascular walls),
  • surgery (standard operation or mini invasive procedure).

What helps against varicose ulcer?

The core element of the therapy is a systemic approach. Wearing off varicose ulcers depends on the patient’s attitude to a large extent. Healthy diet, maintaining appropriate weight and keeping one’s skin on the lower legs healthy are all parts of a complex attitude to treatment. It is wise to eliminate smoking, alcohol and coffee consumption. Neglecting preventative measure during remission might lead to recurrence of the condition.

  • Varices of lower limbs – varicose veins.
  • Hypertension – high blood pressure.
  • Venous return – return of blood from capillaries through veins back to the heart, the amount of blood flowing to the heart in a time unit.
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