Wetting in children (enuresis)

Editor: | 14. January 2019

Characteristics of wetting in children: Most children who wet their bed have a normally functioning bladder and normal course of sleep, but they don’t wake up when their bladder is full. The following factors play a role in the basic pathophysiology of nocturnal enuresis: bladder function, sleep, urine production, and genetic predispositions.

Wetting in children (enuresis) is more common in boys than in girls. Antidiuretic treatment slows down urine production during the night and can help resolve the problem. Night-time bed wetting in children can cause psychological problems.

Using magnetic therapy in wetting in children

In wetting in children, Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic treatment is indicated as adjunctive therapy (due to its anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxant effects), but cannot cover all factors (significant mental contribution, genetic predispositions, etc.). In wetting in children, we recommend treatment be applied during the day to the lumbar spine and bladder area, daily on a long-term basis. Prevention of infection, adequate fluid intake, especially at bedtime, adequate sleep and further instructions from the paediatrician should be followed.

Patient experience

I had an issue with a bladder, so I have started using the device for all my health issues 3x a day. I use the device as a prevention 2x a day and I'm happy.

Jarmila Merbitzová, Chlumec

We are satisfied with the Biomag device as shown by the fact that is used daily. I highly recommend the device to everyone because the sooner you use it in the ongoing health issues, the easier it will be to ease or eliminate these issues.

František Zeman, Semily

Application of magnetic therapy in wetting in children

In wetting in children, apply muscle-relaxant and vasodilatory frequencies of 10-14 Hz and 2-25 Hz to the lumbar spine and bladder area.

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Wetting in children and magnetic therapy – queries

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