Traumatic neural dissection – damaged peripheral nerve

Editor: | 14. January 2019

Characteristics of the Traumatic neural dissection - damaged peripheral nerve program: The most common cause of neural dissection is a cutting injury with a sharp object, which may result in a partial interruption or complete dissection of the nerve. Further nerve damage may result from contusion or compression by bones or blood clots during traumatic injuries. Treatment is aimed at restoring the function of the damaged peripheral nerve. Early surgery (suturing or elongation of the dissected parts of the nerve) and long-term rehabilitation are crucial for the success of the treatment. Restoration of the nerve’s function may take several months.

Using magnetic therapy in neural dissection (damage)

In neural dissection (damage), Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy is a suitable method for long-term rehabilitation and one of its great advantages is the possibility of performing home applications devices for home care, without the need to interrupt intensive rehabilitation programs. It significantly accelerates the healing process of the injured nerve and its restoration to full function. We apply treatment topically to the damaged nerve and to the surrounding area on a long-term basis, preferably several times a day. The effects of low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy have been repeatedly demonstrated in many experiments – experimentally cut nerves in the extremities of experimental animals regenerated faster, and the healing of dissected nerves was accelerated by magnetic therapy. Histologically, a significant difference has been found between the treated and untreated (control) nerves. In the treated nerves, up to 20 times more nerve fibres were found at the dissection site in stained samples. In addition, no signs of peripheral nerve degeneration have been observed in irradiated samples (Chvojka).

Patient experience

I use the Biomag device for everyday rehabilitation of the organism and as an illness prevention. I use the treatment programs for faster healing in case of injuries. I'm convinced this device can prolong my ice hockey career.

Ladislav Lubina, Pardubice

The device was used after hard pelvic injury with permanent consequences, where nerves left damaged, hence it was very difficult to move, only with the walking stick. Using the device regularly my health condition has greatly improved.

Ludmila Střihavková, Hostěradice

Application of magnetic therapy in neural dissection (damage)

In neural dissection (damage), apply programs at a range of 10-50 Hz with prevailing vasodilatory and healing effects. A suitable type of applicator should be selected according to the affected location.

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Neural dissection (damage) and magnetic therapy – queries

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