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Editor: | 14. January 2019

Characteristics of tarsal and ankle pain and swelling: This condition mostly includes severe pain that limits full use and mobility of the affected extremity. Most commonly, only one tarsus is affected, but sometimes both tarsi are involved simultaneously. The pain has a stinging or stabbing nature. This is the most common pain in athletes with overstressed dorsal foot. Other causes may include diabetic neuropathy, ischaemic disease of the lower extremities, tendonitis, fallen arches, inappropriate footwear, and so on.

Using magnetic therapy in tarsal and ankle pain and swelling

Targeted treatment is used according to the cause, but any treatment should be aimed at reducing burden and pain.
Low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy is used due to its
analgesic, vasodilatory, anti-swelling and regeneration effects.

Patient experience

I made a bone abnormality under my ankle. It was pretty painful, surgery took place. At the beginning of the use of the magnet my leg ached even more, but after three weeks the pain subsided.

Leona Reková, Ronov nad Doubravou

After a fracture of the tibia, removal of gypsum, and several months of rehabilitation, I was left with a stiff, swollen and painful ankle. After a purchase of the magnetotherapeutic device, the pain of my ankle stopped, the device assisting the entire family.

Hana Hobzová, Sázava

I borrowed magnets for my family and use against to swollen hands, legs and cervical spine. We were more than happy.

Manželé Novotní, Žďár nad Sázavou

Application of magnetic therapy in tarsal and ankle pain and swelling

Initially, we reduce pain using low frequencies at 2-6 Hz and during the recovery period, we stimulate the healing with higher frequencies at 65-79 Hz. For pain of an ischaemic nature, we prefer the frequency range 36-44 Hz.

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Tarsal and ankle pain and swelling and magnetic therapy effects – queries

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