Renal colic

Editor: | 14. January 2019

Renal colic characteristics: Usually an acute, painful syndrome caused by a sudden disorder of urine outflow through the urethra. The most frequent cause of renal colic is a concretion and its movement in the urinary outflow tract. It emerges from "full health". The diagnosis can be confirmed using RTG or ultra-sound examination. If not resolved in a timely manner, renal colic can cause an accumulation of urine, hydronephrosis and renal failure.
Renal colic is treated (conservatively or surgically) particularly by removal of the calculus or other obstacles (blood clot, pus) from the urinary tract. Conservative treatment consists of the application of analgesic and spasmolytic drugs, increased intake of liquids or infusion therapy to support spontaneous discharge of the concrement.

Using magnetic therapy in renal colic

In renal colic, low-frequency Biomag pulsed magnetic therapy can be used as a complement to conservative analgesic and spasmolytic treatment and after removal of the concrement to support healing of the affected mucosa.

Patient experience

I use the device for arthrosis of the knee, shoulder and hip joints, sciatica, kidneys a back pain. Reported health issues have retreated.

Jaroslav Vomáčka, Praha

My brother also uses magnetotherapy, he suffers from back pain and kidneys issues. He used to use strong painkillers. After he borrowed magnetotherapy he doesn't need to use a load of painkillers.

Zlatuše Zajíčková, Frýdek-Místek

Using the Biomag device for cervical spine issues has rapidly relieved. I used the device for thyroid gland surgery, my post-surgery status has improved so quickly that I start working 2 weeks later.

Slávka Kuglerová, Pliešovice

Application of magnetic therapy in renal colic

In renal colic, it is recommended to apply; magnetic therapy locally above the kidney and urinary system passage, analgesic frequencies of 4 – 6 Hz, spasmolytic frequencies of 8 – 14 Hz on a long-term basis until the concrement disappears. Frequencies of 2 – 25 Hz to finish healing.

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Renal colic and magnetic therapy – queries

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