Regeneration of the liver

Editor: | 14. January 2019

Characteristics of regeneration of the liver: Liver cells - hepatocytes are cells of a circular shape with a small amount of fine chromatin. The cytoplasm is abundant, with many organelles. Sometimes the cytoplasm of hepatocytes contains various inclusions, vacuoles and pigments. Under normal circumstances, the following pigments are present: lipofuscin, a small amount of hemosiderin and bilirubin. Under pathological conditions, the metabolism is disrupted and various materials are present (fat vacuoles, protein condensates, viruses, and pigments, such as: bilirubin, lipofuscin, ceroid, hemosiderin). Liver parenchyma has a marked regenerative capacity. The reticulum of the liver tissue acts as a scaffold for tissue regeneration.

Regeneration of the liver starts in the direction from the periportal region. Therefore, the processes that lead to the destruction of the reticular network of the liver or those that damage the periportal area, impair the tissue regeneration capacity and often result in permanent sequelae. A wide range of factors lead to increased liver stress and damage, such as infections, metabolic changes related to unhealthy diets, or toxic changes after exposure to chemical contaminants. Many hepatoprotective substances are used for therapeutic purposes for regeneration of the liver, nevertheless, a good microcirculation of oxygenated blood is always required to supply oxygen and nutrients.

Using magnetic therapy for regeneration of the liver

In regeneration of the liver, Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy is recommended for prevention and protection of the liver tissue, and to support detoxification and accelerate regeneration of the hepatic cells in the event of liver damage.

Patient experience

I use the Biomag device against to spine pain, joint pain, for difficulties with pancreas, heart and for blood circulation. The entire family use the device with very good results.

Alena Fišerová, Čepřovice

I often use the device to regenerate the liver, 3-4 times a week and I'm very satisfied with the device.

Anna Ondrejková, Banská Bystrica

I used to use a lot of drugs for pain, hypertension and liver inflammation. The right relief has come after purchased the Biomag device. I don't suffer such a pain anymore. I stopped taking drugs even inflammation of the liver.

František Maňák, Karviná

Application of magnetic therapy for regeneration of the liver

In regeneration of the liver, we apply stimulation frequencies from 50-81 Hz to the liver area to support liver regeneration using a flat applicator, and this treatment can be combined with an increased fluid intake and the use of magnetised water.

You can treat these problems as well

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  • Male sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction)
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Urinary bladder inflammation – cystitis acuta
  • Crohn’s disease (except for acute exacerbation)

Regeneration of the liver and magnetic therapy – queries

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