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Characteristics of the Recovery program: Recovery or convalescence is the period between the disappearance of the main symptoms of a disease and full recovery. During the recovery period, the body functions impaired by the disease return to normal. This can be achieved either by restoration or repair of the damaged tissues, such as restoration of the body fat stores for energy or definitive scar formation after injury, or by an adaptation of the body to loss of function, such as adaptation to the loss of extremities. The recovery period has varying duration according to the type of damage, and during this period the body is still weakened and increasingly sensitive and responsive to other damaging factors. Recovery time should be shortened as much as possible by supporting the healing process, to prevent recurrence of the disease and accelerate the return of full function.

Using magnetic therapy during recovery

During recovery, improvement of the metabolism and tissue microcirculation is an essential requirement to stimulate the healing processes. Low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy has been demonstrated to accelerate the healing and regeneration of bones and soft tissues by non-specific irritation of the cell membrane. This leads to activation of the metabolic chain, in which a change in the cAMP/cGMP ratio and increased activation of osteoclasts for bone healing play a crucial role. Devices for home care of the Biomag range have a positive effect on both sterile (rheumatoid disease) and microbial inflammation and their healing. The healing and regenerative effect is a summary of other partial effects and supports the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate during the recovery period.

Patient experience

I use the Biomag device for everyday rehabilitation of the organism and as a prevention of illnesses. I use treatment programs for fast recovery in case of injuries. I believe the device can prolong my ice hockey career.

Ladislav Lubina, Pardubice

I bought the Biomag device more than 13 years ago, because of the faster muscle relaxation after sporting performance, as well as faster regeneration after musculoskeletal injuries. The device shortened recovery in the event of injuries.

Jan Šrotíř, Vyškov

It is 5 years I had cerebellar apoplexy. My right side of my body remained paralysis. Rehabilitation and spa treatment improvements. Right hand, partially right leg remained less functional. I can declare improvements by using the Biomag device.

Ivan Boreš, Prachatice

Application of magnetic therapy during recovery

During the recovery period, treatment programs are applied at a frequency range of 2-25 Hz, which provides spasmolytic, vasodilatory and healing effects. Subsequently, this treatment can be alternated with higher stimulation frequencies from 36-44 Hz. Treatment should be applied locally to the affected parts of the body and where needed, combined with targeted programs according to the respective diagnosis.

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Recovery and magnetic therapy – queries

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