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Editor: | 14. January 2019

Characteristics of the Medical program: This is a versatile program with automatically changing frequency, from pain-reducing up to healing, stimulating applications.

Purpose of magnetic therapy application – Medical program

The Medical program is recommended for long-term chronic diseases where it is desirable to reduce pain and stimulate healing and regeneration. It is suitable for long-term maintenance treatment following the suppression of acute symptoms. Examples: degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases, to enhance the metabolism in the tissues of patients with diabetes, chronic inflammation of the tissues and organs.

Patient experience

I use "medical program" for gout. It is not healed completely but it dampens the pain.

Jiří Šuchman, Studená

We've bought roughly a year ago your device and we can declare that helps us with our health issues. Mainly it is back pain and varicose veins, which is a permanent character and we use the device for temporary pains such as wrist pain, headache.

Karel Kratochvíl, Humpolec

I had a heart and knee surgery. I've used the device 2x a day for 30 min. for a year now and I can walk without a crutch and what's more important I stop taken medications which were harmful to the liver. I don't feel tired as to the heart.

Marie Staroštíková, Beňov

Using the Medical program application

This is a versatile program containing a spectrum of frequencies with analgesic, spasmolytic and vasodilatory effects. It can be used for the majority of indications for low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy, and can follow previous “Pain” program applications. It is suitable even for long-term applications in chronic diseases during the remission period and as prevention against exacerbation (new outburst) of the disease.

It is often used in polymorbid patients in whom stronger adaptive response can be expected after the application of higher frequencies, and in which we do not want to use only analgesic frequencies from the beginning of therapy.

You can treat these problems as well

  • Recovery
  • Psoriasis
  • Joint pain
  • Parkinson’s disease (Parkinson)
  • Relaxation
  • Non-articular rheumatism

Medical program and magnetic therapy – queries

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