Joint pain

Editor: | 14. January 2019

Characteristics of the Joint pain program: Use the Joint pain program to affect pain in joints and the articular capsule caused by morphological changes due to degenerative and inflammatory processes. Joint pain is one of the main indications for Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy.

Purpose of magnetic therapy application in joint pain

The purpose of magnetic therapy applications in joint pain is to reduce pain, suppress inflammatory processes, and provide conditions for better regeneration.

Patient experience

I suffered from back and knee pain. I've been using magnetotherapy for a year. My health condition has improved a lot. The knee doesn't hurt anymore and the back is better and I can walk better.

Anděla Vosmanská, Jaroslavice

I have arthrosis and osteoporosis.I apply the program to the sore spot every day. I know I will not have joints like a youngster at the age of 65. The time has gone when I did not know how to lie down in a bed to keep me away from shaking in my hip.

Olga Tomečková, Orlová

We used to use the Biomag against to back pain, joints. It always helped us but must be applied more than once. My husband and I used successfully the device.

Jitka Lipnerová, Tršice

Using magnetic therapy in joint pain

In joint pain, the hour-long program is an extended version of program no. 3 – Joint arthroses. Use longer application times in repeated daily applications and where pain is significantly greater. The targets are joint pain and articular capsule pain arising from morphological changes caused by degenerative and inflammatory processes. In the clinical mode, the frequency range below 50 Hz is added for more intensive stimulation of healing. Apply this program preferably as follow-up care after previous reduction of acute joint pain by program no. 1.

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Joint pain and magnetic therapy – queries

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