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Haemorrhoids characteristics: These are variculas in the area of the rectum - venectasia in the area of the lower rectum and the anal tube. Haemorrhoid treatment depends on the stage of the disease. Stages range from 1 (vein cumulus, no other problems) to 4 (prolapse of variculas from the rectum with manual return impossible). According to the location, inner and outer haemorrhoids are differentiated. The following reasons are recognized: congenital disposition of the vein wall quality, defecation disorders, sedentary work, etc. Main symptoms of haemorrhoids: itching, burning, defecation pain, bright-red bleeding from the rectum, and in later stages, haemorrhoids are visible or can be touched. Prevention and treatment of haemorrhoids includes a wide range of options, from correct diet through exercising, medicamentous treatment, sclerosing or cirsodesis to radical operation.

Using magnetic therapy in haemorrhoids

Conservative and surgical treatment of haemorrhoids can be complemented by the application of Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy. Pain-killing and vasodilatory frequencies are used to kill acute pain and support blood flow and oxygenation of the exposed area, which leads to a reduction in variculas and alleviation of inflammatory symptoms. The application can be used as prevention in the non-acute stage. Not to be applied if greater bleeding from variculas occurs.

Patient experience

My husband has used regularly the device especially for haemorrhoids and other health ailments. But two years ago, a pacemaker was injecting it.

Marie Škrobánková, Březová

I used to suffer from the lumbar spine and from the haemorrhoid. After using magnetotherapy, the back pain gradually receded and I healed my haemorrhoids. My wife knee pain has receded within a month, but she carries on with the treatment.

Manželé Babicovi, Kojetín

Application of magnetic therapy in haemorrhoids

In treatment of haemorrhoids, apply 2 – 25 Hz repeatedly daily using a flat or elliptical applicator; and later on, as prevention, apply 36 – 44 Hz.

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Haemorrhoids and magnetic therapy – queries

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