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Characteristics of bronchitis: Bronchitis is a common problem in young children and adults. In addition to targeted antibiotic (if indicated) and mucolytic treatment to manage the acute stage, the final treatment and recovery period are also extremely important. Improper follow-up care of bronchitis leads to a transition to chronicity and increases the risk of the development of other serious health complications.

Using magnetic therapy in bronchitis

In bronchitis, ideally, low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy is indicated from the beginning. It reduces symptoms of the disease, reduces mucosal swelling, improves the breathing capacity of the lungs and facilitates the coughing up of mucous. It stimulates the body’s immunity system against infection and enhances the effects of antibiotic treatment. Overall treatment time is shortened. Application of magnetic therapy during the bronchitis recovery period accelerates regeneration of the airway epithelium, stimulates the immune system and reduces the recurrence of the disease.

Patient experience

I have had various inflammatory diseases such as veins inflammation, bronchi, joints, arthritis. I began to eliminate this difficulty with a magnetic device until I slowly and surely started to get rid of the difficulty.

Jaroslava Krohová, Česká Lípa

With the Biomag device, we solve a load of our health issues, eg., prostate, carpal tunnels, painful states, neuropathy, bronchitis. We are more than happy with the results.

Manžeé Frankovi, Štěpánov

I used to suffer from cold, rhinitis always at the beginning and the end of winter, which is not happening anymore since I've used the devices. Currently, I use the device for lungs, heart, bronchi, cervical spine, joints and knees.

Stanislav Šiška, Dobříš

Application of magnetic therapy in bronchitis

In the bronchitis acute period, we apply treatment at 2-25 Hz, while during the follow-up period, we use programs with enhanced healing and regeneration effects at 65-79 Hz.

You can treat these problems as well

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Bronchitis and magnetic therapy – queries

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