Set pulzní magnetoterapie Biomag Lumio 3D-e CFSe
Obrázek : Set Lumina Easy 3D-e FS

Set Lumina Easy 3D-e FS

Choose areal applications with 3D technology and desired deep applications.

Due to its large dimensions, you can apply the A12PM applicator to large parts of your body with maximum comfort. Popular SL29 solenoid has been the first choice for deep applications to the shoulders, knees and other joint areas for many years.

This set is delivered in the EB3 bag, which enables safe storage and transport so you can always have the set always to hand.

New and better therapy indication principle

In all Biomag® devices, the programs with the names of diagnoses are completely replaced with a new method of therapy indication.

New Biomag® devices offer a selection of 6 substantially innovated therapeutic effects, which can achieve excellent therapy results when applied twice a day for 20 minutes.

These effects build upon the vast analysis of a multitude of clinical studies from all over the world and are focused on the key therapeutic effects of the pulsed magnetic field.

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