Bechterew’s disease

Editor: | 14. January 2019

Characteristics of Bechterew's disease: Bechterew's disease is the most common rheumatic disease affecting the spine. Use this program and application in patients showing the initial symptoms up to advanced stages of the disease.

Purpose of magnetic therapy application in Bechterew’s disease

In Bechterew’s disease, the purpose of the application is to reduce pain and allow better recovery of mobility. In addition, the aim is to suppress inflammatory symptoms and slow down progression of the disease.

Patient experience

Me and my husband suffered long-term from pain in the cervical spine and joints. The pain in my shoulder was so great that I could not do my hairs. After six months of treatment, the shoulder is well and the pain in the spine is significantly smaller.

Manželé Sousedíkovi, Zlín

I had problems with my cervical spine. Any sharp movement of my head caused trouble. By treating magnetotherapy, the health condition has changed very rapidly, the greatest joy makes me feel painlessly moving my head.

Ladislava Martinková

I used to have difficulties with spine and haemorrhoids.The spine pain has gradually retreated and haemorrhoids have healed after used magnetotherapy. My wife's' knee-joint pain has retreated after a month but she continues with treatment.

Manželé Babicovi, Kojetín

Using magnetic therapy in Bechterew’s disease

Bechterew’s disease – ankylosing spondylitis – is a specific inflammatory disease of the spinal column associated with an immune system disorder, characterised by long-term duration and gradual progression. Bechterew’s disease results in significant mobility limitation and is accompanied by severe pain. Bechterew’s disease mainly affects the SI joint and intervertebral joints, resulting in gradual stiffening up to ankylosis of the spine. Osseous bridging of the intervertebral space (syndesmophytes) develops.

The most important treatment measures are modification of the environment and lifestyle, rehabilitation, spa treatment and administration of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.

You can treat these problems as well

  • Nerve compression (chronic)
  • Arthrosis of the spine
  • Arthritis of the spine
  • Sciatica (acute)
  • Bechterew’s disease
  • Herniated disc, nerve compression, radicular syndromes (vertebrogenic algic syndrome)

Application of magnetic therapy in Bechterew’s disease

Bechterew’s disease is one of the main indications for Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy. The therapy is beneficial due to its analgesic, anti-swelling, anti-inflammatory and healing effects. Magnetic therapy helps improve mobility, slows down further damage to the joints in chronic patients and provides overall pain relief.
In Bechterew’s disease, initially we should preferably reduce pain using low frequencies and once pain relief is achieved, the treatment should be combined with regeneration programs. A suitable type of applicator should be selected according to the affected location. Most frequently, we use a solenoid on small joints and a large flat or bed applicator on the spine.

Bechterew’s disease and magnetic therapy – queries

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